Faithful Graduate Courses in Theology Online or in the Classroom

Take courses that will deepen your understanding of the Faith and give you the confidence to share it.
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Every Catholic should have access to a faithful and affordable education

But there’s a problem…

  • You need an extremely flexible program that works with your state in life.
  • You need real and personal guidance.
  • With an aggressive secularism influencing Catholic institutions, it is hard  to know who to trust.

With incredible flexibility, Christendom’s Graduate School of Theology offers you the best education at the best price—everything you need to deepen your understanding of the Faith. For over 50 years, the Graduate School has been offering an education proudly faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Whether you are seeking a certificate or a masters degree, we can give you the tools you need to live and share your faith with confidence.  

Get the formation you need to share your faith with confidence.


Apply as either a casual, certificate, or degree-seeking student.


Enjoy the flexibility of our online courses or attend classes in person during the summer at our residential program in Front Royal, VA.


Thrive as a Catholic who possesses a deeper understanding of the faith and the confidence to share and defend it.

“I was unsure about the possibility of joining a Masters program in Theology since I had a poor experience at another Catholic institution which was not flexible, rigorous, or even faithful to the Catholic teachings. A trusted friend encouraged me to look into Christendom’s Graduate School. So, I called and had a conversation with the Dean, Dr. RJ Matava. He was so understanding, encouraging, and competent—I was sold. Christendom has been a life-changing decision! My professors have been personal, professional, and humble. The faculty and staff have been so encouraging and delightful to work with throughout the process. I have completed the requirements for my degree all online! It has been a remarkable experience.”

John S.


“As a recent convert, I feared I would wash out within a week because of my limited knowledge, but thanks to the dedicated professors, their patience, their commitment to teaching, and their orthodoxy, I graduated a strong orthodox Catholic committed to the Faith of our Fathers.”

Vanessa C.


“A standard for fidelity and traditional education against which all other liberal arts colleges are measured.”

The Newman Guide

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The Symposium was a foretaste of the ways in which theological reflection contributes to living out daily the way of Jesus.

Bring Our Faithful Catholic Courses to Your College or University

The Christendom@ Project was created for students at colleges and universities who do not have access to the theological and philosophical riches of the Catholic faith. You can bring our faithful courses to your campus and join the quest to answer deeper questions about the ultimate meaning of your college degree and the rest of your life.