Financial Policies

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Please review the following financial policies before registering or adding or dropping a course. For questions and/or concerns please contact Olivia Colville at or call (703) 658-4304.
  • Registration fees are due at the time of registration.
  • Because Christendom Graduate School functions at cost, all fees are non-refundable.
  • Tuition and any additional fees are due on the first day of each semester.  If a student is unable to pay the full amount for tuition and fees by the first day of the semester, he or she has the option of submitting a Tuition Payment Contract (see below for details).
  • In the event of withdrawal from a course or program, it is the student’s responsibility to pay the balance due or the amount due minus any applicable refund (see the refund schedule for details).
  • No grades or transcripts will be released, nor degrees awarded, until all tuition and fees have been paid.
  • Students with outstanding balances may not register for subsequent semesters until the remaining balance has been paid.
  • Payment Policy for Online Students: Online students must either pay their tuition in full, or pay a deposit of at least $500 per course and submit the tuition payment contract before being granted access to the online classroom.


If a student is unable to pay the full amount due for tuition and fees by the first day of the semester, he or she must submit a Tuition Payment Plan Contract to the Business Office. The contract stipulates the schedule of payments which begins the first day of the semester and should be completed by the last day of the semester.  For questions please contact Olivia Colville at



Christendom Graduate School of Theology strives to provide the best education to our students for the best price. Our tuition and fees go directly toward covering the costs of our Master’s program. We do all we can to keep our costs as low as possible to provide quality education to those who work for the Catholic Church, are active in the apostolate, or who wish simply to learn about the Catholic faith.


Therefore, please note:


  • All registration and technology fees are non-refundable. These fees cover services provided prior to the beginning of a semester.
  • Tuition will be refunded to students who find it necessary to withdraw (or to change to audit status) after registration, according to the following schedule.

During the first week of the semester:  100% of tuition
During the second week of the semester: 75% of tuition
During the third week of the semester:  50% of tuition
After the third week: No Refund

 PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  The effective date of withdrawal is the date upon which WRITTEN (i.e. the Add/Drop Form) notice is received by the business officer.


  • Students who withdraw from a course (or drop to audit status) and who have not yet paid the tuition are liable for the tuition amount minus any applicable refund amount.
  • Tuition refunds for classes dropped within the Add/Drop period will be processed after the Add/Drop period has ended.


GRADUATE CREDIT TUITION: $478/credit – $461/credit for religious
AUDIT TUITION: $182/credit – $142/credit for religious, seniors, catechists

REGISTRATION FEE: $100 per semester
(early registration – up to 1 month before classes start – $50)

TECHNOLOGY FEE: $100 per course 

Admissions fee: $65
Course Reactivation fee: $300
Directed (Independent) Study fee: $300
Comprehensive Exam fee: $100
Graduation fee: $150



*Cost for one 3-credit ONLINE course = $1,634.00 ($1,434 tuition + $100 tech fee + $100 registration fee)
*Cost for two 3-credit ONLINE courses = $3,168.00 ($2,868 tuition + $200 tech fee + $100 registration fee)


*Cost for one 3-credit ON-CAMPUS course  = $1,534.00 ($1,434 tuition + $100 registration fee)
*Cost for two 3-credit ON-CAMPUS courses = $2,968.00 ($2,868 tuition + $100 registration fee)
*Those who register at least a month in advance to the start of class receive 50% off the registration fee.




The Christendom Graduate School of Theology maintains a reasonable and modest tuition charge to ensure that its courses remain accessible to students who wish to attend. Consequently, Christendom does not presently offer graduate students financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, or loans. We also schedule our classes in the evenings to allow students to work full-time or part-time during the day to finance their education. The Graduate School offers students a tuition payment plan whereby students may pay off their tuition by installments throughout the semester. Many students find that their parishes or employers are willing to help fund their studies, and students are encouraged to contact their pastors, principals, or employers to see if funding is possible.




To preserve its academic freedom, Christendom Graduate School of Theology does not accept federal aid or any government funding; this means we do not participate in the Title IV Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs. From its very beginning, Christendom College made a prudential decision never to accept federal funding. As the only accredited Catholic higher education institution that is not dependent on federal student aid, Christendom is uniquely free to teach the Catholic Faith without interference. The prudence of this decision has been demonstrated by the federal government’s expanding use of funding conditions to promote policy preferences.




Christendom graduate students may apply to private sources (such as banks) for student loans. These applications are handled directly by the student and are not processed by Christendom, although we are happy to provide documentation or information needed to verify enrollment. Two private lenders who often provide Christendom students with student loans are listed below:


For information on payment options for international students and other financial information, questions or concerns, please contact the Business Officer, Olivia Colville, at
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