You picked a great university. You are working hard, making friends, and taking classes to kick-start your future career.

But for Whom are you going to live?

It can be difficult to find an education that will help you make sense of the big picture. Join the quest to answer deeper questions about the ultimate meaning of your college degree and the rest of your life.  

Is your college experience helping you live as fully as you can?

We can guide you to discover the richness of the Catholic tradition so that you can experience the life that Jesus promises.

⇒  Become an informed, confident Catholic.

⇒  Integrate your Catholic faith with your daily life and your career.

⇒  Form a community of friends who seek wisdom together.

⇒  Contemplate enduring questions.

⇒  Articulate and refine your thoughts through meaningful conversation.

⇒  Learn foundational truths through original documents.

How it works


Click the button below and email us to join Christendom@ or bring it to your campus.


During the semester, students will attend weekly interactive online lectures.


Students receive support and guidance to meet weekly in a small group.


Students may seek transfer credit with their home institution.


“It has helped me develop a greater appreciation for the great intellectual tradition of the Church and improved my prayer life. The class worked well with my course load at Purdue so I was able to complete well.”
-Thomas Duane

“All of the readings were accessible and contributed greatly to my own spiritual growth. This course helped me gain confidence to further explore Patristic writings and other church documents.”
– Morgan Hierlmaier

“This program helped answer questions I had about challenging Church teachings regarding redemptive suffering, essence and nature of the Trinity… and the integral need to develop and live in a community centered in Christ.”
– Jeffrey Kuhn

“This has enabled me to better discuss my faith with my peers. Understanding the basis for why and how the Church has evolved over time from the perspective of the original disciples of Christ has given me time and a structure with which to wrestle with questions I have long had concerning my faith.”
– Megan Geraghty

Christendom College

Graduate School of Theology

For over 50 years, the Graduate School has been faithfully contributing to the restoration of all things in Christ by working for the renewal of the Catholic mind. The Graduate School of Christendom College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, with classes offered in-person and live-streamed from our campus in Front Royal, VA.

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