Peoria Catechist Certification

A catechist formation certification that is faithful, flexible, and affordable.

cathedral_peoriaChristendom College offers an online catechist-certification course for catechists and Catholic school teachers of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria. The certification consists of two semester-long, video-based courses which highlight the main teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Participants may watch the videos and work on the courses in their own homes at their own convenience, and those who complete both courses receive Catechist Certification from Christendom.

The Catechist Formation Certification is designed to form teachers in the Faith, and to help them become effective evangelizers and catechists. The courses examine in a comprehensive way the teachings of the Catholic Church, with emphasis on the Scriptural foundations that ground our beliefs. The course also references the saints and early Church Fathers, suggests ways to communicate the Faith to various age groups, and relates catechesis to the New Evangelization. The first course in the Catechist Formation Certification covers Part 1 of the Catechism, on the Creed, and Part 4 on prayer. The second course covers the second and third parts, on the liturgy and sacraments of the Church and on the moral life.

The cost for each course is $365. However, in many cases, all or part of the cost of the courses is paid for by the teacher’s parish or school, or by the diocesan Sheen Endowment; please check with your pastor or principal to see if you qualify. Religious educators who are approved for Sheen Endowment grants pay only half-price; for more information or to apply, please visit Sheen Endowment or click on “Christendom College Application Form” at the Office of Catechetics. You may also call the Office of Catechetics of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria for more information (309-671-1550).

To register for a Catechist Formation course, please use the online Pay-Pal registration below or print out the mail-in form. To register for any other Christendom Graduate School course, please visit Current Course Offerings and Registration or call us at 703-658-4304.


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