Five-Year Theology MA Program

Earn your Theology MA at Christendom in one year beyond your BA or BS from any accredited institution.



The key is our three-term academic year that runs from September to August. This trimesterly schedule allows you to complete four terms—the standard equivalent of two traditional academic years—in one year plus one summer. It typically takes the equivalent of four full-time semesters of study to complete the requirements for the MA degree (individual cases may vary). Any combination of courses in any given term may be taken in the classroom or online. Summer terms in the classroom are accelerated, spanning six weeks from mid June through the end of July. Students on the 5th year track may begin taking courses in the summer between their junior and senior undergraduate years. This leaves open the following five academic terms for completion of the requirements for the MA:

  1. Summer before senior year
  2. Summer after senior year
  3. Fall after senior year
  4. Spring after senior year
  5. Summer leading up to MA commencement



An MA in Theology will enable you to dig more deeply and widely into the topics that touch the highest matters of Christian life. This will better equip you to impart that knowledge with others as sharers in Christ’s mission.

An MA is typically an advantage when applying for positions in teaching, catechesis, and lay/youth ministry because it is a credential demonstrating that you have this higher-level knowledge of the field and are enabled to relate it to others. The MA is also an advantage if you are applying for further graduate study, such as a doctoral program.


Snapshot of the Christendom Advantage:

Below is a picture of our 42-credit MA curriculum at a glance. Our program is both solid and flexible. It is solid in respect to its Magisterial fidelity as well as in respect to its topical structure and academic rigor. Our program is flexible in many regards, including the possibility of online and in-class learning, the availability of professors to students, and the comparatively minimal prerequisites—students from any undergraduate field (not just philosophy, theology or religious studies) can pursue the MA in theology here. Our mission-focus also drives us to have some of the most competitive tuition rates in the field (around 30% less on average than comparable programs).



Please contact Vladimir Rudenko at or 703-340-9697.


The Christendom Theology MA Curriculum At A Glance:


Degree prerequisites*
Introduction to Theology
Latin (for Moral and Systematic Theology Concentrations)
Greek or another biblical language (for Scripture Concentration)
* Prerequisite courses do not count toward the 42 graduate credits required for the degree


Core requirements
Philosophy of God & Man
Philosophical Errors
Old Testament
New Testament
God the Father
Holy Spirit & Ecclesiology
Moral Theology


Concentration requirements


Systematic Theology

Church History I
Church History II
Liturgy & Sacraments


Moral Theology

Theological Anthropology
Sexual & Biomedical Ethics
Catholic Social Teachings


Sacred Scripture

Psalms & Wisdom Literature
Synoptic Gospels
Pauline Epistles and Acts of the Apostles
Johannine Corpus
*Students in this concentration are exempt from core OT/NT requirements

Evangelization & Catechesis

Catechetical Tradition
Methods of Catechesis & Evangelization
Liturgy & Sacraments


Electives/MA Thesis option

Elective Course 1
Elective Course 2




MA Thesis Direction 1
MA Thesis Direction 2


Next Step?

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