Master Catechist Certification


The Christendom Graduate School offers an advanced, Master Catechist Certification (MCC) leading to catechetical certification. The Diocese of Arlington recognizes those who complete this two year certification as Master Catechists.

 *For those outside of the Diocese of Arlington, the Graduate School has several other options for catechetical studies. Please visit our webpage Catechetical Studies at Christendom Graduate School linked here for more information.

Master Catechist Certification Curriculum

  • First Spring Semester: MCC 501/ The Profession of Faith
  • First Summer Semester (online): MCC 505/The Bible AND Elective MCC 506/Fathers of the Church or Elective MCC 507/Apologetics (pick one elective)
  • First Fall Semester: MCC 502/The Celebration of the Christian Mystery
  • Second Spring Semester: MCC 503/ Life in Christ
  • Second Summer Semester (online):  Elective MCC 506/ Fathers of the Church OR Elective MCC 507/Apologetics (students may also take both if they have not completed one in previous summer)
  • Second Fall Semester: MCC 504/Christian Prayer

Finally, those students who are DREs in the Diocese of Arlington must also take an online course on Policies, Norms, and Best Practices. This course, while required for DREs, is also open to all other students of the Master Catechist Certification.

Course Delivery Method

  • Each course will consist of 8 sessions, each lasting 2 ½ hours (20 hours total). Classes meet at 9:00 am on scheduled Saturdays.
  • You may participate in the class lectures through any combination of the following modes: (i) attending class personally at the Graduate School, (ii) joining class through live-streaming, or (iii) watching the recordings at your own pace. Regardless of mode, all students have the same qualification requirements beyond class attendance.
  • In the Fall and Spring, students are required to attend a Teaching Day at the end of the semester, where live presentations will be conducted.


The cost is $100 per course for each student (billed to the student).  The parish will be charged for the remaining balance per course for each student.  If the cost presents a financial burden to the student, then the parish or the Office of Faith Formation may be approached for assistance with the recommendation of the DRE.

Opportunity for Advancing Studies

Students may take these courses for graduate academic credit (which will require additional work).  Credits may be applied to the Master of Arts degree and the Apostolic Catechetical Diploma later.

Application Information

The next Master Catechist cohort will start in the Spring of 2023. Students interested in applying to the Master Catechist Certification will need to complete two portions to apply:

1. The Diocese needs to receive the application form linked here. This completed form should be sent to the Special Consultant for Catechetics, Colette Lienhard at the Office of Faith Formation, who can be reached by phone (703-785-2319) or by email:

2. The Christendom Graduate School needs to collect some information through an online application form. To start this application, please fill out the online form provided below.  You may need to allow pop-ups for this page in your browser in order to complete the form.

* If you intend to register for graduate credit, you will need to submit your official undergraduate transcript to the Graduate School’s admissions department, either by mail to the Graduate School’s address or by email (via secure electronic courier) to

Any questions may be directed by email to or by calling 703-658-4304.

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